NAGs Union of Armed Resistance Forces (UFRA)

Union of Armed Resistance Forces (UFRA)

Year Formed: 1997
Year Terminated: 1997

Target States:

Ideational Characteristics:

Secession/Territorial Demand
Demands for Policy Change

External Supporters:
Narrative Summary:

NAG Support Dataset Code: 338

UCDP/PRIO Code: 1378

___. "Niger's president on unexpected visit to Libya", Agence France Presse -- English, September 25, 1997, International news

___. "Civilians in northeast Niger appeal to rebels for peace peace peace",  Agence France Presse -- English, November 17, 1997, International news

___. "Former rebels in Niger challenge disarmament timetable", Agence France Presse -- English, September 11, 1997, International news
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